Giving Back

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Giving Back

Here at Chilly Blade, we support non-profit animal rescues and shelters of all species and sizes. Donating needed food and supplies to animal shelters and rescues is amazing! Usually, with limited resources, shelters help untold numbers of animals.

At Chilly Blade we believe in supporting and giving back to those animals in need. We believe that helping others not only leads to a happier life, but also a healthier, productive, and meaningful life. Therefore, with every product sold, CHILLY BLADE helps provide food and supplies to dogs, cats, and farm animals at local shelters and rescues.

We work with local charities to help abandoned and stray animals of all kinds to live a healthy and safe life. The work they do is priceless, and these animals count on our help to survive.

Kadel Batista, the founder of Chilly Blade, has been personally and directly involved in protecting, advocating for, and rescuing the homeless, injured, abandoned, neglected, and abused animals of all kinds and sizes for the last couple of decades.

Many rescued animals are found injured, neglected, suffering from conditions requiring comprehensive veterinary rehabilitation, and/or long-term care services. Sadly, countless animals with treatable conditions are unnecessarily euthanized, or worse, left alone to suffer a painful, agonizing and senseless death on the streets.

Our voluntary mission is to support those abandoned and neglected animals. We offer a voluntary comprehensive program to improve the welfare of animals even further. Our donations will always go directly to animals in need, personally handled by the founder of Chilly Blade. "It takes a village" to rescue animals and no one can do it alone. Your support is crucial in making Chilly Blade’s Giving Back program a true success.

Besides, we're on a mission to raise awareness about the thousands of feral and stray cats (usually known as community cats) living outdoors by helping them with food, preventing the number of homeless cats from increasing, and to successfully manage existing colonies with a spay and neuter program. We love cats and we're here to help them while we can. For updates and events, follow us on social media.

Chilly Blade

Helping Those Who Can’t Help Themselves

Pet food and supplies are an expensive and never-ending need for shelters. Our successes in our effort to help rescued animals are made possible entirely by people like you.
Thank you for your support to help animals in need and the rescues that care for them!